Best Vegan Food at Trader Joe’s

Soy Chorizo Pasta

Our food bill seems to have halved since we started shopping at Trader Joe’s in NYC. We love Wholefoods but Trader Joe’s has a similar choice and quality of product ( albeit with their own label) and is so much cheaper.

Here are some of what I think are the best vegan foods at Trader Joe’s.

Soy Chorizo

I love the Trader Joe’s brand Soy Chorizo.

You can eat it with pasta and almost not need pasta sauce at all.

This comes in a long tube. You remove the two layers of plastic (don’t forget that part) and basically end up with spicy soy crumbles.

I tried the Tofurkey Italian sausages they sell at Trader Joe’s. I didn’t like them but I think it was because the texture was too close a meat sausage. Kathryn (the non vegetarian) tried them and thought they were nice. Trader Joe’s has an excellent policy of allowing you to return a product for your money back, even if it’s because you just don’t like it.

Low fat Tomato and Basil Organic Pasta Sauce

I’m only mentioning the low fat aspect so you’ll know which one I mean as TJs have a large range of pasta sauces. This one looked like it had the most basil in it so that’s what I’ve been getting it.

Pasta sauce

Garlic powder.

I sprinkle this stuff straight on pasta sometimes. It livens up anything that needs some extra flavor.

It’s $1.99 and the glass bottle travels well and will last months.

Garlic Powder

Chocolate coconut milk icecream.

I actually haven’t been buying this on this trip but I’ve bought it lots previously. It’s delicious. Nicer than icecream made with cow’s milk. The containers are small which is good from the perspective of not overeating.

Frozen mango chunks.

You get 1 lb 8 Oz of delicious perfectly ripe mango chunks for under $3. Much easier than dealing with fresh mango. Perfectly nice for eating, and for smoothies :-) Yum!

Frozen Mango Chunks

Stuff I don’t buy at TJs

One of my staple meals when I’m on the run or don’t feel like cooking is delicious Amy’s (Non Dairy) Burritos. Unfortunately TJ’s doesn’t sell them. Wholefoods sell them but they are much cheaper at Target at $2.79 each. We usually buy a whole lot of them when we go to Target for our bulk toilet paper! Amy’s has other vegan Burritos and wraps in their range, and has a variety of vegetarian options for your non-vegan travelling companions too.

Amy's Burritos

Trader Joe’s does not sell my vegan Daiya No Cheese. I get this from Wholefoods. Some independent supermarkets like LifeThyme Natural Market ( at 410 6th Ave Manhattan, where I get my favourite vegan cakes) sell it too but it is more expensive there.

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