The Ultimate 3 Days in Paris for Vegans

Guide to the Paris’s Best Vegan Restaurants.

There is a term in the vegan community called “the Paris exception” which means people who are vegan except when they go to Paris. Ditching your veganism to have a good time in Paris is completely unnecessary. Here’s how to have a GREAT 3-day Paris vacation, and get your chomping gear around Paris’s best vegan food. When you are packing for Paris you might want to check our post on how to dress to fit in with the locals.

Day 1: Friday.

You’re arriving on an overnight flight from the US. You traveled on a Thursday night, so you’re arriving in Paris on a Friday morning. Bonjour! Take the train from Charles De Gaulle airport into the city. It connects nicely with the metro. Pick somewhere to stay that’s easy to get on the metro.

You’re probably starving. After you’ve dropped your bags at your hotel, head to the Marais for the perfect jet lag cure, falafel!

There is debate over whether LA’s du Fallafel is overrated but it’s Paris’s most famous falafel restaurant. If you’d rather not travel with the herd, try whichever of the other nearby hole-in-the-wall falafel joints takes your fancy. Nearby Mi-Va-Mi and Chez Marianne’s falafel sandwiches are also highly recommended. To get there, go to the Saint-Paul metro station in the centrally located Marais neighborhood.

We’re taking a night Segway tour at 6.30pm tonight, so the time your flight arrived will determine how much time you’ve got to enjoy meandering or taking in a tourist site.

There’s a good chance your body clock (and therefore your eating clock) will be askew and unpredictable from jet lag. Let’s just picnic and graze for the rest of the day. Since it’ll be too late to go to a vegan restaurant after your evening tour and (Spoiler Alert!) we’re going up the Eiffel Tower night, stock up on some goodies you can eat later.

Buy a lovely fresh baguette and your pick of toppings. If vegan nutella sounds like heaven to you, talk a 16 minute walk across the Seine river to La Nature à Paris. Buy Chokénut (vegan nutella). It’s at Maubert Mutualité in the 5th (45 bd. St Germain). Click on the “View Larger Map” link below the map for walking directions.

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There is a health food chain with various Paris locations called Naturalia. You can also buy hummus, good soy yogurt etc at Monoprix supermarkets. Hummus is sometimes not vegan in Paris (due to dairy products) so check the ingredients (use Google translate). There is a branch of Naturalia in the Marais, around 600 yards from LA’s du Falafel. Click on the “View Larger Map” link below the map for walking directions.

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If you’re tempted to get another falafel sandwich instead of a baguette, go for it. Many falafel restaurants are closed from mid afternoon on Fridays until Sunday morning for the Jewish Sabbath.

Paris’s famous attractions never look better than when they’re twinkling in the evening. An evening tour is a great way to get orientated and see the Louvre, Champs-Elysées and Eiffel Tower. The Segway tour is a pricey 90 Euros but you’re only here for 3 days so you need to make the most of your visit. You’ll finish up your tour at the Eiffel Tower. Expect a couple of hours waiting if you want to go up it. Enjoy your view over Paris, you’re really here.

By now it’s late. Head back to your hotel before the metro stops for the evening.

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Looking to skip the Eiffel Tower line?

If you’re looking to skip one of the lines at the Eiffel tower, consider taking a tour that includes it. personally we’re fans of tours that help increase historical /architectural perspective but don’t involve any bus travel. We love museum tours and bike tours for this reason. It’s easy to get to the Eiffel tower and feel overwhelmed by the size of the line, especially if you go at night and have been on your feet all day. Stay up the tower and explore on your own when the tour portion is completed. Don’t forget to take some cheesy tourist photos (visiting the Eiffel tower is one of the few occasions that warrants it!)

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