Best Paris Vegan Restaurants

Vegan Chocolate Cake Paris from Gentle Gourmet Cafe.

Go here for Day 1 of the Ultimate 3 Days in Paris for Vegans

Day 2: Saturday

You’ve dreamed of traveling to Paris for a long time and now you’re waking up in Paris!

Vegan croissants for breakfast?

Oui oui madam.

Gentle Gourmet Cafe is a 100% vegan Paris restaurant. You can go for breakfast pastries from 8am, brunch from 10am. They also serve lunch, dinner and vegan desserts later in the day. They’re open until 11pm. It’s Paris, so make a reservation. Gentle Gourmet cafe is in the Bastille area, which is just to the East of the Marais where you were yesterday. The metro stop is Gare de Lyon or Bastille.

Now that you’re fueled, we’re going to Les Invalides and Napoleon’s tomb for some French Military history. You could switch this out for another attraction if you’d prefer. The point is to pick one attraction for the morning/early afternoon.

If you do choose Les Invalides and would prefer to walk, it will take around an hour (walking directions below. Click on view larger map below the map for the full directions). Otherwise take the metro from Gare de Lyon. Change at Concord station to the No. 8 line and take that one stop across the river to Invalides.

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I’m assuming you pigged out on brunch at Gentle Gourmet Cafe. To save some cash, I’d be grabbing a baguette and a tomato for lunch, or making a banana + baguette sandwich.

After lunch you could hit another tourist site, museum or monument, but just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to spend it doing touristy things. Instead, let’s do a little shopping. Make a couple of little purchases you can wear back home. It’ll be a fun way to remember Your time in Paris! (If any readers have shopping suggestions for where a normal person (i.e not stick figure model) can buy clothes that’ll make them look like a Parisian, please leave a comment! No leather/silk/wool recommendations though. Let’s keep it vegan friendly). You don’t want to arrive in Paris looking like a tourist either, so we’ve come up with a packing list for Paris to give you some ideas of what to wear.


For dinner, you’re going Ethiopian. Godjo is an Ethiopian restaurant near the Pantheon. They do a killer vegan platter comprised of samples of their vegetable dishes. Since they do meaty food too, this is a great option if you’re traveling with an omni who doesn’t want to eat vegetarian food the whole time you’re in Paris.

Walking directions from Napolean’s Tomb to Godjo’s below. It’s only 42 minutes. Central Paris is quite compact.

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