5 Tips for a Berlin Mini-Break in Your 30s

Berlin Gate

5 Tips for a Berlin Mini-Break in Your 30s

1. Berlin is European HQ for much of the travel blogger community.

For examples, Adam from Travels of Adam lives in Berlin, and Dani and Jess from the Globetrotter Girls are currently doing a stint there.

There will be many other travel bloggers and friends of the travel blogging community in Berlin at any particular time.

Check out their websites and Facebook pages. If you don’t see a travel blogger/reader meetup mentioned, suggest one!

Meeting travel bloggers is a unique and awesome thing to do on your travels. These folks are so well traveled that once you establish a relationship with them, anytime you need advice about any destination we’ll know or know the right person to ask.

Cyling through park, Berlin

2. Hipster Berlin

Adam has a fantastic guide to Hipster Berlin. If you’re looking for the best recommendations for bars, coffee, brunch etc, his guide should be your first stop for your planning.

Lots of digital nomad / hipsters base themselves in the neigborhoods of Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, so consider looking for accomodation in one of those areas. You may consider finding accommodation through a European vacation apartment specialist. Due to being vegan I virtually always stay in apartments when I travel anywhere for more than just a couple of days.

3. Bike tour.

We love bike friendly cities (check out all our rave posts about Portland, USA).

When we were in Berlin doing a biking tour of the city was one of our favorite things we did.

Bike Tour Berlin

There is even a free option (payment is in tips).

Kate actually got hit (well nudged) by a bus on the bike, but that’s another story.

The bike tour will allow you to orientate yourself to the city, hit the major attractions and know if there are any you’re interested in going back to for a closer look. For this reason, we recommend doing it early in your trip. Perhaps after you’ve recovered from your jetlag, if applicable! You want to have your wits about you when biking in an unfamiliar city, even if it’s a tour.

The rest of our time in Berlin we got around on public transportation (I think we got a pass for the transit system).

4. A visit to Parliament.

An unexpected highlight of our trip to Berlin was going to Berlin’s parliament building. It’s free but does require time to line up. We went quite late at night and lots of Berliners were just hanging out there (from the top floors you look down through the middle of the building to the actual parliament floor). To me this was more a more potent symbol of politics and culture in Germany than the Nazi or communism related sites.

German Parliament - a mixture of old and new

New German Parliament
German Parliament – a mixture of old and new

5. Living like a local.

Berlin is a fun place to hang out in the coffee shops, or if you’re there in summer, then in the park. Being a hipster friendly city, there are some good vegan options in Berlin. Some of my favorite vegan products such as squeezy soy cream in a can are made in Germany.

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