The benefits of a camping holiday

camping holiday tent

Sleeping in the great outdoors may not be for everyone but there’s a definite sense of freedom with camping that is hard to beat. You may find yourself avoiding hotels all together once you’ve spent time experiencing nature first hand and enjoying the many benefits of a camping trip.

Camping is the healthier option

The fresh air, the exercise and the sunshine are some of the reasons why camping is the healthier holiday option. The health benefits of getting out into the great outdoors have been well documented and camping is one of the best ways to get plenty of fresh air. Not only will you be spending time away from the city pollution but the extra sunshine will also help to increase your vitamin D levels.

And camping is not just about sticking up tents and cooking round an open fire. A great number of outdoor activities can be had including swimming in lakes, canoeing, cycling and rock climbing. Your serotonin levels will increase with the additional exercise leaving you feeling less stressed and extremely relaxed.

Getting back to basics

Forget the expensive restaurants when camping; this is all about doing it yourself. You can go for the open fire cooking option but with the amount of high tech equipment available there’s no reason not to have an almost fully equipped kitchen wherever you go. Simply bring the food with you or stock up on supplies as you go. Make sure to pack additional food as the exercise and fresh air are likely to give you an increased appetite.

Financial benefits of camping

Camping is the cheaper option when compared to paying for hotels or holiday apartments: your tent is all the accommodation required. The major financial bonus with camping is that you are pretty much unlimited in where you can set up your tent in the wilderness. If you are camping in designated camp sites then you may have to pay a small nightly fee.
Consider, for example, the islands of Hawaii. One thing your travel agent won’t tell you is that you can camp in many of the State Parks of Hawaii for as little as $18 per night. You can camp on the beach and wake up to most glorious Pacific Ocean views imaginable, and you may get lucky and have an entire beach to yourself.

The best sleep you will ever have

The fresh air, exercise and the peace and quiet are all conducive towards a great night’s sleep. Many people who have been on camping holidays claim they have returned home feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than after any other holiday. It’s also been reported that many campers benefit from enhanced sleep cycles after a camping holiday.

Camping allows you to escape the crowds, get back to nature and spend some quality time with family and friends. If you are still unconvinced about the benefits then why not hire the equipment needed and try it out for a weekend. If you fall in love with sleeping in the great outdoors then you may find yourself packing your tent, jumping into your car and taking off whenever the holiday mood hits you.

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