Beginner Travel Mistakes – Cheap vs. Expensive Countries


Travel is expensive and vacation time is limited.

My general rule of thumb is that you should go exactly where you want to go on your trip rather than picking cheaper countries that aren’t at the very top of your list.

There are many ways to save money while you’re traveling.

Unless you’re planning a long, ultra low budget trip to a developing country, you’ll usually be able to find ways of traveling in more expensive countries for a similar budget as traveling in less expensive countries.

Make sure you consider the entire cost of the trip when making travel decisions.
I usually work out 2 numbers: total cost and cost per day.

Total cost

the cost of the total trip including the cost of all flights, visas etc

Cost per day

as above but divided by the number of days I’ll be away

Lost income

These days I now factor in lost income and take this into account when I’m considering things like whether a cheaper/slower transportation option is really saving me money.

My typical budget

When I’m travelling alone my budget for trips is usually between US$70-$150, including all flights. You can read more of my posts for ways to save money when travelling.


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