Could Barbados be the Perfect Island Getaway?


If you’ve been toying with the idea of an island holiday then there is no doubt that you have a large variety of options to choose from. Some offer fabulously opulent resorts, others offer authentic island living and others seem like just another standard tourist option designed to draw in the crowds and provide you with a memorable, but generic experience. The other thing you’ll be taking into account is the weather. You probably don’t want to go somewhere uncomfortably hot, or visit an island during cyclone season.


An option that seems to tick all the right boxes is Barbados. This beautiful island which has been pushed out of the sea by volcanic activity countless years ago is home to the most spectacular coral reefs, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and abundant marine life. An absolute paradise when it comes to snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing this island needs to be on every water-enthusiast’s bucket list. The west coast is known for its calm waters, whilst the south coast for its surf, so it’s important to plan your stay on the correct side of the island particularly if you are after a certain type of surf condition. Other outdoor activities include hiking, horse riding, bird watching, polo and golf.


There are countless things to do and see in Barbados. If you’re looking for a sleepy island, then you need to go back to the drawing board. The nightlife in Barbados is vibrant and exhilarating. Head on to Bridgetown which is regarded as one of the Caribbean’s nightlife capitals. There you will find pumping discos, open-air bars and clubs who play a variety of calypso, reggae, soca and some who also feature local live bands.


A factor that may be off-putting at first glance is affordability. All fair and well that you’ve fallen in love with this destination, but will your time there break the bank? When it comes to accommodation there does tend to be more luxurious than budget accommodation on offer, however, if the Fairmont, Sandy Lane or Hilton are out of your range there are plenty of reasonably priced smaller hotels, guest house and inns who offer comfortable accommodation.

Historical Attractions

Barbados attracts in the vicinity of 500 000 tourists every year. While most visit for the purpose of fun and relaxation, others spend their time exploring the many historic buildings and immersing themselves in the rich culture of the island’s residents. Arlington House Museum, the Cotton Tower Signal Station and the Barbados Museum are all worth a visit.

Very few people come back not having enjoyed Barbados. This island’s popularity continues to grow and grow, and after you’ve visited once you will most certainly want to return again.

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