Apartment Rentals: What Does $400 a Week Get You?

Where I most want to rent an apartment right now – Koh Samui, Thailand

If I’m staying more than a couple of days in any one place, I like to rent an apartment. I thought I’d check out apartment options in some cities that are high on my travel bucket list.

If you’re an expert in any of the following destinations, I’d love if you left a comment with insights (for example, where to look for budget apartment rentals other than airbnb or which neighborhoods hit the sweet spot of good value for apartment rental and not too inconvenient. I like to stay 2 weeks to a month and I’m comfortable with craiglist type sublets, which I’ve done extensively in the US).

To see more photos of each apartment, click on the airbnb link at the bottom of the picture.

Tel Aviv, Israel

This central Tel Aviv apartment is $319/week or $1277 a month, with a minimum of 14 nights.

Koh Samui, Thailand

I had written off Koh Samui because I’d heard it wasn’t as good as neighboring Koh Phangan (which I’ve been to) but FlashpackerFamily have made me reconsider.

This bungalow is is $363/week or $1673/month on airbnb (the monthly rate includes all fees)

Tulum, Mexico’s Carribean Coast

When I looked at apartment rentals for Tulum, the nightly rates were high but weekly, and especially monthly, rates were much cheaper. This place requires a bike to get to the beach but it looks lovely and gets great ratings. It’s $363/week or $923/month.

Toyko, Japan

This is the one apartment that is slightly over budget at $492/week or $1994/month (including all fees for the monthly rate). I couldn’t find any listing on budget, but this is close and gets great reviews.


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    I also live in Koh Samui and pay under $400 a month for a 2 bedroom, two bathroom townhouse in a quiet part of the island just a 5 minute walk from the beach.

    Great deals here and an awesome place for an expat or location independent traveler.

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    Ok now I really want to move to Koh Samui! Thanks for the comment Alex :)

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    A nice list! That photo really does make Koh Samui look appealing.

    We’ve found quite a few places where we could rent furnished apartments for less than $400 a week if you are willing to stay a month or two. Any of the Greek islands in winter … although Brrr!!! We tried it … was a tad cold! Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia – beach, town or city. We’ve seen listing on AirBNB but usually the best option is to just turn up, stay in a hostel for a few nights and look around locally.

    Chiang Mai in Thailand. There are plenty of places to choose from but I know Smiths Residence is a popular location for a month or two. You can contact them directly or just show up and ask at reception. Penang in Malaysia has a surplus of furnished holiday apartments for $600-1000/month. If you look online you will pay more, it really is best to go to Penang and start looking. Ask the people running your guesthouse or tour operators – they will usually know someone to put you in contact with. I have a few contacts for Penang to if you are ever headed that way!

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