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About 30Traveler

30Traveler is a blog for people who are transitioning from backpacker and flashpacker style travel in their 20s, to a mix of flashpacker and luxury style travel in their 30s. Or, for anyone who likes to mix high and low travel styles e.g., I’ll happily buy a $200 Broadway show ticket and spend the next day riding around on my folding bike.

I love to mix renting apartments for cheap, slow travel, with some nights in nice hotels (especially those with 85 degree swimming pools, lady sized hotel slippers, and vegan options).

If you like comfort but also want to be smart about your travel dollar, then this is the blog for you.

Personalize your travel.

Stop having a boring bucket list. Why not personalize your travel so it fits your interests and personality rather dragging yourself around whatever museums and monuments a city is famous for?

Once you’ve seen a bunch of churches in your 20s, you probably don’t need to see any more (unless you really like churches).

Vegan friendly travel.

I’m a vegan and some of my posts are about my favorite vegan food options for travelers, and how to travel as a vegan (while still enjoying food!). Eating is an important part of travel for vegans – and yes you can get excellent vegan gelato in Italy!

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