A Bizarre Quirk of the Qantas FF Online Booking Engine

Woo hoo. Today I booked a Qantas frequent flyer seat from Christchurch, NZ to Los Angeles for June.

In the process I discovered something weird about Qantas’s Award Travel Booking Engine.

The flight is: Christchurch – Auckland – Los Angeles.

Christchurch to Auckland was showing available
Auckland to Los Angeles was showing available

CHC-LAX was returning no seats.

I called the Qantas FF call centre and the agent who obviously knew his stuff, good on him (!), told me to try it as a multi city booking, even those all travel is the same day, June 24th.

Hey presto – it worked.

And barring any Jetstar schedule changes (CHC-AKL is operated by Jetstar) I will only have a 1:35 layover in Auckland.

I’m really looking forward to it! Especially since have been rechecking the Qantas website for a FF seat for travel at the end of June for at least a month. Today one finally popped up.

Love the feeling of having the ticket booked and being able to start making plans!

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