6 Techniques to Keep Your Travel Planning Organized and Manageable


As we near summer and travel plans are in full swing, are you sure you’re as organized as you can be? Sometimes the biggest (literal) things are overlooked, like having a new, reliable vehicle for that road trip. Dealers all over town are offering their best discounts on new and gently used vehicles, and it’s right in time for summer. Skip the expensive diagnostics checks and maintenance updates at your mechanic, and spring for that new ride you deserve. Talk to your accountant first if you’re interested in a hybrid, and get the latest information on how a new green vehicle will help you out come tax season.

However, having a new car that’s totally reliable is just part of the equation when it comes to travel planning. If you really want to make this the best getaway ever, here are six techniques for organization you don’t want to skip:

1. Take a good look at your cargo space. Even if you have one of the roomiest trunks available, it needs a little customization. Simply packing it as full as you can manage isn’t the way to go, as it will be difficult to find what you want under the jumble. Organize this essential space with clear containers that allow you to see inside. This will allow you to keep items separate, and key items easy to see and grab. Using packing cubes (with mesh windows for good identification of their contents) in your suitcases &/or backpacks is also an excellent idea.

2. Indulge in a little technology update. You know what you want to make your travels even smoother. Whether it’s upgrading to satelite radio or making sure you have your tech synced up to listen to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks, do a trial run before the vacation begins. You don’t want to be struggling with updating technology or installing it when you should be on the road.

3. Key in your destinations in the GPS in advance. One of the best parts of planning a road trip is counting down the miles until the next fun-filled stop. Fill your GPS with stops at roadside attractions, the best mom and pop restaurants along the route, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Get the whole family in on the fun, and you’ll be guaranteed an adventure like no other. However, it might all come crumbling down if someone misses their stop or you’re struggling to find the correct address while behind the wheel. You can always add or delete destinations on the go, and plugging in these stops in advance is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth ride.

4. Make sure you have a trusted person to watch the house. You don’t necessarily need a house sitter, but burglars know that summer is peak travel season. Get to know your neighbors and watch each other’s backs. Having someone keep an eye on things, who knows how to contact you and when you’ll return, offers peace of mind. They can also remove door hangers — a tell-tale sign that a person is away. Also don’t forget to put your mail on hold before you go.

5. Don’t advertise your travels on social media. It can be tempting, but this is another advertisement that you’re away and your home might be vacant. You never know what’s getting shared on these platforms, so live in the moment and upload when you return. It’s something more to look forward to.

6. Clean in advance. Nobody wants to come home to a cluttered home. Do a little sprucing up beforehand, and you’ll be thankful when you get back to a sparkling home. It’s like another little vacation.

Where will your travel plans take you this summer, and how are you staying organized in the process?

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