5 UK Road Trip Routes

I’ve said before that I know I’m “supposed” to like trains and other intercity public transport but I would much prefer to rent a car – realizing this is one of the key things that has made travel in my 30s more enjoyable than in my 20s.

Doing a UK road trip offers the chance to experience the UK’s rolling countryside and visit villages that give a sense of being in an episode of Midsomer Murders. Driving in England is super easy (If you’re from the US – adjusting to driving on a different side of the road is much easier than you think it will be. I do it all the time when I’m stateside).

The UK is much more than London – the other cities each have a character of their own, there are great vegan food options, and lots of walking tracks (the UK has a big culture of public walking tracks).

For inspiration, check out this interactive map of 5 driving routes – mouseover each of the suggested routes for Google maps and youtube vids. (My favorite area of the UK not covered in these five is the area around Brighton).

Infographic Source: Enterprise Rent a Car

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