5 Reasons To Go On Holiday

If you have to think hard about when your last holiday was, it’s time to plan another one! Here are some good arguments for being kind to yourself and giving yourself a break :-)

1. Holidays are a tonic for us psychologically.
Even the planning and preparation for a holiday is good for us. The excitement and anticipation of sorting through all the possibilities stimulates and frees our minds. We take a break from our normal humdrum life and visualize the good times ahead. It makes it feels like the holiday has started already! Later, once we’re settled into our holiday the relaxation time lets our mind and body rejuvenate and re-set.

2.Going on holiday with your partner can be a great way to reconnect and have quality time together, especially if you both lead busy lives and typically get only snatches of time together on weekends and evenings. Going on a mini-break with a good friend that you don’t see that often is a good way to refresh the friendship and not lose touch. The last few years I have gone on an annual mini-road trip for 3 to 4 days with my best friend from Melbourne. It’s usually the only time we physically get to see each other during that year but it’s good quality time and we have such a blast! We now both make these mini-holidays a priority because we know they keep our friendship strong.

Lanikai Beach lovers

3.Going on holiday will stimulate our creativity so we are more positive and productive when we return to work. Visiting new places and experiencing different cultures makes us feel part of the global community and expands our world view. Working long hours for many months on end, with only 4 walls to look at, can make our lives seem small. Holidays reverse that. As they say, holidays give you back what everyday life takes away!

4.Holidays are typically good for our physical health, unless your idea of a break consists solely of drinking alcohol and lying on a beach! For most us it gives us an opportunity to be more active and feel energized again. In the months before going on this trip to Hawaii my work and home life were so busy and stressful that I’d stopped doing the very things that had always been so critically important to help me reduce my stress. My evening walks with my partner and my jogs three days a week had gone out the window! Alcohol had replaced exercise as my evening relaxant. In Hawaii our priorities have been reset. We’ve been biking places, going for daily swims and our evening strolls have been reinstated!


5. The financial barriers to holidaying overseas have been eroded in modern times. Competition between airlines especially has brought prices down and there are many lower cost package holidays available. If you are prepared to avoid school and public holidays, and travel during “shoulder” seasons then you can get some great deals, including great discounts on cruises. And it’s so easy to do online. Even my 78 year old father plans and books all his overseas trips online!

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