10 Reflections on 1 Month of Traveling

yes this picture is real. You see people in white pavlova wedding outfits at the beach almost everyday in Hawaii!

asian wedding hawaii

1. 6 weeks per place is not enough time.

I’ve been in Hawaii for 5 weeks today and we’re leaving next week. Major sad face! We could easily stay here 3 months.

The last few days seem to have gotten sucked up by planning our next stop and mentally jumping ahead – not exactly mindful travel! Want to guess where we’re going? We’re excited about it!

Part of the reason we’re not ready to move on is financial. We wish we had a bit more time here to spread out the costs of flights, airport shuttles, extra charges for traveling with a bike etc.

2. We’ve adjusted to the heat somewhat.

This is the first time I’ve ever lived somewhere hot without aircon. It took about 4 weeks but I think we’ve adjusted to Hawaii temperatures.

That said, Hawaii isn’t super hot and has virtually no mosquitos and no sandflies.

3. Kathryn no longer feels like she’s just on a short holiday.

For the first 3 weeks or so, Kathryn said she felt like she was just on normal holiday and was just about to go home and back to work. She has starting to love the traveling life!

4. Visiting friends is great.

I have a good friend in Hawaii who has a new baby. Spending time hanging out with her has definitely helped with missing my family.

5. Skyping with family is super important.

My Mum is a busy lady and hard to catch at home but when I do manage to catch her online it really warms my spirit.

6. We’re starting to settle into some new rhythms of being around each other 24/7.

When we first arrived, neither of us even went to the supermarket without the other. Now we’re doing more stuff independently without it feeling like a big deal.

7. It’s easy to forget that if we were at home we’d be freezing and bored.

We keep having to say to each other “What would you be doing if you were at home right now?” This question helps us stay appreciative of how amazing it is to not be at home sitting inside an office.

8. We still like watching TV while traveling.

I still hang out for the new episode of Mad Men just as much as when I’m at home.

9. I spend way too much money on food.

Kathryn eats oatmeal for breakfast and pasta for dinner most nights. I keep blowing the budget on fresh peaches, ice-cream, fresh basil etc.

I don’t want to travel like a backpacker, but at some point I’m going to need to rein it in.

10. It’s better than I could’ve hoped.

We have loved our apartment and car, and the sun + swimming in the sea almost everyday is incredible.

11. Bonus

Bring your eye patches. I’m not sleeping much because I keep waking up at 6am due to the early morning light and warmth. The eye patches help but only seem to cause me to sleep an extra half hour vs. without them. Normally I would nap in the afternoon but it conflicts with my swimming time!

Enough navel gazing from me – If you’ve done a long trip, what are your reflections on your travel style etc?


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    You’re so right – I find it takes me time to get into the right mindset when I go home to Chicago, because I’m usually only there from 3-5 weeks. This gives me license to overeat (no beef hot dogs in Spain or even margaritas!), to sleep in when I have things to do, and to refuse to drive a car when I can. Hope you’re enjoying one another and the journey!

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    Love this. Food is always my biggest expense, I’d rather eat well than pay for tours or nights out on the town. Skyping has become a daily ritual for me. having been on the road for two years now there’s always someone to catch up with. I call my mum every morning just to say hello, my other half thinks I’m crazy but I like to keep that connection.

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    A daily skype ritual is a great idea Charli. I would call my Mum everyday if she was more available!

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    I’m jealous that you’ve been in Hawaii for 5 weeks, it’s my favorite place in the world. Yes, all the islands.

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    LOVE these reflections – and yes, it’s so much easier to get in a rhythm when you’re there for a while!

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    Going well so far – agreed that it takes time to get over the two-week holiday mentality and settle into long term travel.

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    5 weeks in Hawaii sounds perfect, right about now. I just love it there. Our next trip to the islands is Kauai in September. If you need any tips, info, want to meet-up, etc while in Portland, let me know.

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    When you’re in a place as amazing as Hawaii, a lifetime might not be enough!

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    You know life is good when your nap conflicts with your swimming time :)

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    We’re a month into our RTW trip too; getting use to the idea that we have many months left is still a bit boggling (yet at the same time, the days are going so fast!) Finding some sort of routine has definitely been key, and staying patient with each other as well.

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    Reading this just makes me want to pack my bags and find an island in the sun somewhere. Swimming in the sea everyday would be a bonus! Keep enjoying the good life :)

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    wow. i love it. yes 6 weeks isn’t enough is it? enjoy the fresh peaches, but yes, at some point you will have to be budget. how long to you hope to travel with? nice work guys. gabi

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    I wish I can travel to different places in 6 weeks. With enough time, I can roam around the nice spots, meet more people and understand their culture deeply. Thanks for sharing us your thoughts.

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    I’m glad to see it’s not just us trying to catch up with the latest episodes of Mad Men whilst on the go!

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