“Downtown” Las Vegas : The place to be !

“Downtown” Las Vegas : The place to be !

Travelers are really big on ‘living like a local’ when they go to Europe and other parts of the world. You can do the same thing right here in the US, if you know where to look. Now that we’ve been based in Vegas for a few months, we’re starting to gradually discover where the […]

Travel Planning for Your Parents

Travel Planning for Your Parents

When you’re an experienced traveler, you’ll find that you often get roped in to travel planning for other people. Parents are a key example here. Here are some things we’ve learned from experience of helping our parents plan their trips. 1. You can guide but you can’t control. For example, let’s say your parents book […]

Do Digital Nomads Get Culture Shock?

We were a bit miserable our first few days in Mexico and I just wasn’t sure why. Sure, we were rained in for basically a 24 hour period but that didn’t seem to be enough to cause the problem. Finally as we started to feel better, I realized I’d just had a bit of culture […]

Bike Friendly Airports – 7 Essential Elements

As someone who travels with a bike, these are some things that a bike friendly airport needs to have. 1. A bike box exchange. If people are going to ride and fly (ride to the airport and then fly with their bike), the airport needs to have a bike box exchange – you leave your […]

Tips for Hosting a Vegan Guest

Vegans will often be too polite to mention things they feel uncomfortable with, but if you’re looking to make a vegan guest comfortable then here are some basics. 1. Feather free. Give your guest a feather free duvet and pillows. 2. Vegetarian soap. Lathering in beef tallow doesn’t appeal to vegans. They likely will bring […]

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